When I was a little girl I used to love playing in the kitchen. One of my favorite things to do was to create recipes to make for my Dad when he came home from work. My Mom generously let me use real ingredients for my creations. My favorite thing to make was what I called lettuce roll-ups…basically any veggies and fruit we had rolled up in…you guessed it…a leaf of lettuce, then dunked in water and topped with raisins. Not sure why the dunking or the raisins, but my Dad was a good sport and always tried my culinary experiments. At some point in my teens and twenties I became more focused on a beauty ideal/mind trap of thinness that I stopped enjoying cooking and eating. It felt like a chore to eat the “right” things. It wasn’t until after I had my first child that I started remembering how much fun it was to play in the kitchen. In nourishing my family I started to remember how my own body likes to be nourished. It had a lot to do with food, but was not simply a matter of eating the “right” things or subscribing to a certain ideal. Wellness became a way that I was feeling, a way that I was interacting and engaging in my life, and not so much focused on how I looked or what size I was wearing. Now I am a mom of 4. I’ve learned that nourishment comes in many forms…food, family, spirit, play and movement just to name a few. I am striving to nourish my family, and myself, in this way. And I still enjoy a good lettuce roll-up (minus the waterlogged part and raisin topping, of course.) :) photo (4)