Welcome to Moonbird Wellness!

“How do you want to feel?”. I saw that question in bold letters in an article by Danielle LaPorte and it shifted my perspective, almost instantly. How did I want to feel? I soon learned that, just as no two bodies are alike, every person has their own definition of what health and well-being means to them and how to apply that in their own life.

A health coach is a “guide on the side” to help you discover how you want to feel in your day-to-day life, and then how to take steps to get there. My coaching may be different from the services you might receive from other health professionals in that my goal in working together is not only to look at your diet and nutrition, but also the other aspects of your life that nourish you…family/relationship, creativity, spirituality, physical movement and career/purpose. It’s all tied together, and I can help you to take steps to bring a bit of balance to all of these areas in order to experience your own evolving definition of health and happiness. It’s a journey, that’s for sure.

If you are wondering about my personal style of coaching and if we could work well together, I like to be very up front about that. I am very passionate about helping people to feel a sense of wellness in their physical health and body, and mind and spirit. My philosophy is that small steps can lead to big, sustainable changes. I am not, however, a proponent of a “quick fix”…so I am definitely not the right person to coach you into a smaller dress size by a certain date, put you on a restrictive diet, or sell you supplements. I will recommend that you see a doctor or naturopath for serious health issues as I do not have medical training. However, if you are looking for a coach to help you formulate a plan or explore new ideas on your own unique path to wellness and support you on the way, I would love to connect!

We would begin by working through your health history and discussing your main wellness goals. After that, we would identify actionable steps to help you reach those goals and then, if you would like, follow up to see how things are going.

I offer individual whole-person coaching, as well as group programs. Coaching can take place via phone, email, FaceTime or, if you are local to me, in person.

Individual Coaching Rates & Options

Pathway Session, $35: This is the first coaching session (one hour) in which we will go over your health history and begin to plan a path forward in accordance to your goals. If you are local to me (Dearborn, Michigan) we can conduct this session in person. If not, we can speak on the phone or via email or FaceTime. This can be a stand-alone session if you wish. Sometimes we just need the opportunity to gain clarity by talking through our goals, and this session is a great way to do just that.

If you would like continued support after your pathway session you may choose to purchase a month-to-month coaching package.

1 month coaching package, $75: This includes 2 phone calls (1/2 hour each) and unlimited support via email or text to take place in the time of 1 month from purchase. If you are local and prefer to meet in-person instead of a phone call, this can be arranged.

Please contact me at moonbirdwellness@gmail.com with any questions and also watch this page for information on upcoming group programs.