I’m a couple days late posting my intentions for this new moon.  For this August moon I will be focusing on gratitude and abundance.  I found this fitting as the kids are about to go back to school in a couple weeks and I know it will be kind of chaotic as we get back into the swing of things.  As we are no strangers to chaos (that’s how we roll!) I would like to spend the next couple weeks feeling grateful for our time together this summer and creating a peaceful haven for everyone to come back to at the end of the day.

I go into “creating a peaceful haven” mode quite often and while I am able to make small but powerful changes, it is hard to make them stick.  I often will flip back into “if only I could get these pillows or these chairs or remodel this or that…”  So as I do this during this month, I want to remember that I do not necessarily “need” to procure any more “things” to make our environment more peaceful, and perhaps acknowledging and showing gratitude for what we already have will go a long way in keeping to a more positive, more abundant state of mind.

I can’t believe the new school year is almost upon us!  L will be in 2nd grade, C in kindergarten, and the twins starting a new preschool program.  Lots of changes for us here!  In the meantime we’re going to enjoy the end of summer vacation and start preparing for the new with a grateful heart.  Many blessings!

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