Close to a year ago, I wrote this. Caffeine consumption is something that I have to be very careful with. As a highly sensitive person, those caffeine jitters can make me feel very un-grounded and disoriented. Having said that, I adore the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee, and if you have read my blog for awhile, you will know that I am not a fan of denial when it comes to all things delicious. So what’s a girl to do?

After I gave up coffee cold turkey last summer, I was intensely craving it. My morning lemon water is still a mainstay and helps to keep me hydrated, and I still love my tea throughout the day, but I wanted to figure out a way I could still have some coffee without it being a problem for me. In addition to the uncomfortable caffeine jitters, as a woman who is prone to ovarian cysts, I need to be very mindful of my intake of substances that cause inflammation. The happy place that I have found is exactly 1/2 cup freshly ground good quality locally roasted organic coffee (I LOVE Great Lakes Coffee!) almost every morning. So far, this seems to be a way for me to still indulge in my favorite morning beverage while cutting back significantly. It tastes great, and I feel good!

For the past few days here in Michigan we have been having fall-like weather…very pleasant, but unseasonable. I woke this morning wanting an old habit of mine…a Starbucks latte. Not wanting to pay for more coffee than I can drink, and considering cow and soy milk are the only options there, I decided to make my own.

I have seen plenty of Paleo coffee creamer recipes floating around on Pinterest, but I don’t use creamer enough to justify making a full recipe. I did have a can of Native Forest coconut milk in the pantry. (Of course you can make your own coconut milk, but if you go with canned, Native Forest is a nice choice because, at this writing, they are organic and the cans are BPA free.). I poured 1/2 cup coconut milk and 1 cup brewed coffee into my Vitamix and blended at high speed for a few seconds. The high speed creates a nice froth to rise to the top. I poured into a tall mug, spooned froth over the top and sprinkled with cinnamon. Simple, delicious, and decadent!

In full disclosure…I couldn’t drink the whole mug. It was more coffee and way more milk than I am used to drinking these days. But it was a lovely treat to start the day!

When we listen to our bodies intuitively and pay attention to that inner guidance, we can make healthy choices to suit exactly what we are needing and wanting at that moment.

What is your favorite morning beverage?


3 thoughts on “Paleo-ish Latte

  1. Erin @Quixotic Magpie

    I have been thinking about lemon water for days now. I am definitely making some today.

    I drink gallons of coffee in the morning, although it gives me the jitters and the shakes. I should probably cut down on it. :)

    1. Jennifer Gabrish Post author

      Hi Erin! I would totally drink gallons of coffee if I could, I love it. Enjoy your lemon water today! I like to add basil or mint or lavender to keep it interesting. :)

  2. Amanda

    I must admit that I cannot get through my morning without my Venti Starbucks! I drink it black with some stevia from home. No jitters or shakes for me. This recipe sounds like a delicious treat!

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