Happy Full Moon Day! At this point each month I like to take a look at my intentions set at the beginning of the month and see what I can lean into deeper and what is no longer serving me. My guiding word for the month of July is “Trust”. A part of leaning in to Trust, for me, has been starting to unveil the beginnings of Moonbird Wellness.

I decided four years ago that I wanted to be a health coach…of some sort or another. I didn’t quite have a vision of how I wanted it to look or what exactly I wanted to do, just a general idea that this is a path I wanted to take. I felt like this could be a way for me to serve, to help others learn about their own health and the well-being of our planet, and perhaps more importantly, to assist others in cultivating a sense of happiness and wellness in their lives, regardless of their state of physical heath. A lot of this has involved learning to coach myself, and I have been one tough client. :) What I have learned, and continue to learn, is that my physical health and definitions thereof will always be evolving. Trusting this process is a continuing practice.

If you can take a moment today…stop and take a deep breath. Full moon days invite us to flow right along with the tides, with the wind, the stars, with all of nature. Whether it is an introspective time for you or a chaotic time, remember we are all connected. Trust the process.