My friend Sherry at Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe posted a food blog search tool last week. I had not previously used this particular search tool so I was excited to give it a spin. I had some sweet potatoes on hand so I was looking for something creative to do with them…enter the genius that is Vegan Sweet Potato Coconut Curry, brought to us courtesy of Book Of Yum. I thought my head might explode with the delicious list of ingredients: sweet potatoes (obviously), coconut milk, almond butter, spinach….so many of my favorite things packed into one recipe! This was truly delicious served over brown basmati rice, with a side of fried tofu and blueberry peach salsa (an incongruent combo, I know, but pretty awesome!).

My cooking of late has been somewhat less than creative, so I was really excited to work with a combination I had not otherwise considered. Thank goodness for food bloggers! :)