A few years ago I discovered a lovely book, “Full Moon Feast” by Jessica Prentice. Part cookbook, part Moon lore, part locavore’s diary, this book captured my imagination and my appetite. I have always had a fascination with the moon, and longed to be more “in tune”.

I somehow lost track of the book, but just re-discovered it today, just in time for tomorrow’s Full Mead Moon ( aka Full Thunder Moon, and many other names depending on who you ask). A feast involving honey…goodness, anything involving honey…is just my thing! My first prep task was to cut back my mint, which I think I will combine with honey (my favorite, from Risk’s Apiary/Swarm Naturals) for a simple syrup. I’m going to have to look at Prentice’s recipes and see what else I can come up with.

I am taking an online course from Samantha Honey Pollock called “Intuitive Moon Wisdom”, and really enjoying it! It feels good to be “in tune”, once again!