Today we will hear from Deb Navin about giving a popular form of exercise a second chance . Welcome Deb, thanks for taking the time to share your practice!

How did you first come to your movement practice?

I had heard about Jazzercise from my late cousin who was very involved in the 1990’s. I was first invited to try it here in 2013 by a fellow parent at my daughter’s school. I tried it for a month and thought it was just ok. Some of the routines were lame and simple and the smiles on the instructors faces were annoying. I resolved to work out at home. But slowly I discovered that this was not a reasonable goal. Bike riding was being limited by the pace of my then 6 year old, at home work outs were sabotaged by my three young ones and I was always too tired to work out by the time the three of them were in bed. So when a really good deal came along in December 2013 I decided to give Jazzercise a true test, a year of membership.

How long have you been practicing?

I just started mid-December 2013 so only about 2.5 months.

How do you integrate practice into everyday living?

They have 57 classes a week with childcare at many of them. The childcare part was key, it is a fun activity for my kids to do so we all get something out of it. I have even planned playdates in the Jazzercise childcare room for my kids while I work out with a friend’s mom.

How has your practice affected you physically, emotionally, spiritually?

The reason I sought out a way to consistently exercise is because my cholesterol was alarmingly high for someone who eats a 90% plant-based diet. A year later, with the same diet and the only difference being regular exercise I went from 163 to 126. As an added bonus, I have more energy and feel like I am not as tired at the end of a work day (my 8th music class is getting a much happier teacher). I think exercise has had a positive influence on my emotional state through this rough winter and best of all I have started to make friends at Jazzercise (and reconnected with old friends). I am happy to say that really love Jazzercise and think I’ve found a way to make regular exercise a part of who I am.

I remember that you have a background in music. What kind of music gets you up and moving?

Yes, I am an elementary music teacher and have had music in my bones since birth. One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to use every single type of music I can think up to help broaden my students’ worlds. And lucky for us both, I like at least a little bit of just about every type of music. Any type of dance, pop, latin music can be incredibly rewarding to move to (the predictable structure lends itself nicely to easy choreography) but I also love when I get to dance old folk dances with my students or teach them different ways to move to more lyrical music.

What types of movement/exercise does your family enjoy together?

We try to walk whenever it’s not too dangerously cold or icy. In the warmer months we ride bikes together (with a bike trailer on my bike). Inside the house we have dance parties and my children love their kids yoga DVD.

Deb is a K-5 Music Teacher and mother to 3. She is newly in love with Jazzercise and pleasantly surprised by all of the positive influence it’s had on her life.


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  1. Goldie

    So happy for you Deb! I did Jazzercise when we lived in a bigger city and I loved it. Wish we had it here!

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