Happy Spring Equinox!

As the season changes we often feel a renewed sense of energy and the desire to get up and move! I know my kids have been busy jumping over puddles (and snow piles, here in Michigan) and racing through the mud. Kids seem to have a boundless energy, and regular exercise and joyful movement is a natural part of their rhythm. However, as adults, we don’t often skip over puddles on our way into work or twirl in circles out in the sunshine. So we have to make time to move our bodies in a joyful and meaningful way.
If movement is not a practice that we already feel enthusiastic about, or that we have to carve time out of an already busy schedule for, it can feel intimidating and like a chore. I know this feeling firsthand.
Over the years I have tried different forms of exercise and movement and have found that there are some that just really do not resonate with me , with my personality, and with how I want my body to feel. There are some that I hate when I first attempt, then I try again years later and absolutely love. If we are to craft a movement practice that is authentic to our own particular needs, we need to start with an open mind and open heart. How can we cultivate the joyful kind of movement we experienced as kids? How can we make our practice an art, or a sacred part of our daily rhythms?
For the next several days I will be featuring interviews with people who are inspired by their personal movement practice. I hope you will also be inspired! Please share here or on the Facebook page how you craft (or plan to craft) your own movement practice.