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No one likes to get sick. It is a part of being human to have times of illness. I believe that our true health lies not in how often we do or do not get sick, but rather in how we can support our body’s built-in systems in order to heal.

This time of year, our immune system works very hard to defend against microorganisms that cause disease. We can support the system by being mindful of the food we eat and the nutrients available in those foods.

Tomorrow we will talk about specific foods and recipes, but for today we will be taking a look at how certain vitamins and minerals (from food! Try to obtain from food first, and supplements only as a second choice) can be beneficial. It is important to note that no single micronutrient is a “silver bullet”, or a sure cure for a weakened immune system. But a deficiency could have adverse effects. Therefore balancing these nutrients in our diet and paying close attention to what works for our bodies and does not is key.

Please watch today’s video for more on the following:

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Essential Fatty Acids

If you are interested in how Vitamin D works in our bodies, I highly suggest watching this short video from herbalist Paul Bergner:

Vitamin D

Also, in the video I briefly mention Ayurveda and eating with the seasons. Here is a more in- depth article: /What is Ayurveda