Time has escaped me this summer, and sitting down to write this post I noticed that my last entry was on the new moon.

I had set my intention to clear some clutter, and I am pleased to report on this full moon that I have made some excellent progress! Of course this is an ongoing goal for me, but it is so nice to look around and see…feel…some SPACE.

Yesterday I looked to find the name of tonight’s moon. Different cultures have different names for each full moon, and I find this fascinating. So tonight’s moon is known as, among others, the Sturgeon Moon, the Balsamic Moon, the Green Corn Moon, the Grain Moon, and the Wort Moon.

I was interested in the origin of the Wort Moon. Apparently “wort” is an Old English term for plant, herb, or vegetable. How appropriate, since my garden is overflowing with produce! Here in the Midwest we are starting to see a bountiful harvest.

I decided that my meditation for this moon would be on my gratitude for the herbs in my garden. I find it absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring that these plants that have been cultivated on our Earth longer than we have can flourish in the most unexpected places and beckon to us with their gifts…whether the gift of their aroma, their taste, or their medicine.

While we choose our favorite herbs to bring into our garden, there are others, volunteers, all around us, and I believe they can communicate something to us if we pay attention. I have wild red clover growing all over my yard. I have been researching its special properties and finding so many areas in which this herb could provide something that I specifically need.

I am grateful for the heady aroma of mint and lavender as I walk out my back door, and the comforting lemon balm that intensifies in the evening. I am grateful for the tulsi that makes a lovely tea to calm me when I am stressed and frazzled, and the basil that I have started to have in my morning lemon water.

The month of August this year will see two full moons ( this occurrence, if you didn’t know, is the infamous “blue moon”). Two fabulous opportunities this month to reflect on all of these magical things…

Spending a few moments meditating on these things becomes extra important when you live with four children who seem to view the full moons as their personal holiday to drive Mama crazy…hence the origin of the word “lunacy”. Just saying…

2 thoughts on “The Full Wort Moon

  1. Jen

    You’re so kind, Erin! Thank you! Tulsi is truly magical. This is the first year I have planted it in my garden and I love it!

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