Happy Harvest Moon!

I want to share some of our family full moon celebrations with you today. Kids love the moon. How could they not? I have found that acknowledging and celebrating the full moons with my kids is a great way to teach them about the rhythms of nature and the seasons. We have come up with several little traditions that we do on each full moon, and the kids actually look forward to them.

On the day of the full moon, we pour a bit of water into a glass jar and set it out on a table on the porch. We like to think that the moon “charges” the water with good energy overnight. In the morning we dab our fingers in to absorb some moon energy, and water our flowers or indoor plants with the rest.

In the evening we read one of our moon stories. My preschoolers love ” I Took The Moon For A Walk” by Carolyn Curtis. My elementary school-age boys enjoy “The Man in the Moon” by William Joyce (which is part of the Guardians of Childhood series, absolutely mesmerizing and magical stories).

My youngest two have made up their own special full moon yoga, which they like to do right before bed. Standing in tree pose, we use our arms to flow through the shapes of the phases of the moon.

Finally, right before bed we use Howl At the Moon Anointing Oil made by a lovely aromatherapist named Anna Wingfield. The kids use the oil to make a moon circle on their forehead, then make a wish.

I love how the seasonal rhythm lends itself so readily to the magic of childhood. I know I will have plenty of sweet memories of these traditions when my kids are grown, and I hope that they will too.

Are you doing anything special for the Harvest Moon?