There are some mornings when I just want a warm and cozy breakfast. Most days things are a bit hectic for us in the morning so my usually AM go-to is a piece of fruit or a smoothie and some nuts…just enough to stabilize my blood sugar and keep me feeling full until lunch. On more relaxed days I love scrambled eggs and greens. But today I was in the mood for warm, creamy and sweet, so I mixed together a few of my favorite foods and flavors for this delicious quinoa bowl. Quinoa is so adaptable that it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes with great results. Let me know if you give this one a try!

September Morning Quinoa
(With 1/2 cup quinoa, this served 2)

Approx. 1/2 cup cooked quinoa
1/2 banana, mashed
2 TBSP almond butter
1 apple, chopped
1 tsp raw local honey
Cinnamon, to taste
Walnuts or almonds for topping

Mix all ingredients into cooked quinoa while it is still warm for extra creaminess. Enjoy!