For the final interview in this series I am happy to introduce you to Misty Pittman, owner and founder of Moonshine Yoga in Kentucky. Misty tells us about creating a nurturing practice. Welcome Misty! How did you first come to your movement practice? My very first class was in college (about 15 years ago). It was in a dusty room in the rec center, with dim lighting and blankets (no yoga mats!). There were only a handful of us. I… Read more »


Today I am excited to introduce you to artist/mama/homeschooler Sara Evans. Sara takes a true DIY approach to her movement practice and reminds us about the importance of play when it comes to exercise. Welcome Sara! How did you first come to your movement practice? I’ve been a member at one gym or another since my first baby, about 12 years ago. I had easy access to one, working in a Ford facility, and was able to find time to… Read more »

Today I am pleased to welcome my guest Amanda Wolski, a teacher/marathon runner/blogger who also happens to be my sister-in-law! Amanda tells us about how she surprised herself by becoming a runner and how this practice has enhanced her life in many ways. Welcome Amanda! How did you first come to your movement practice? It’s kind of a funny story, actually. Believe it or not, I used to hate running! I couldn’t run around the block without being winded and… Read more »

Today I am pleased to feature jewelry designer Heather Hall, who will tell us about the joy of rediscovering movement through physical therapy. Thank you, Heather, for taking the time to share your experience! I have wanted for a long time to be physically fit and stronger, but due to mental illness, I didn’t find the needed motivation to do anything about it until I started experiencing little injuries that come from being sedentary, lacking the strength in supporting structures… Read more »

Today we will hear from Deb Navin about giving a popular form of exercise a second chance . Welcome Deb, thanks for taking the time to share your practice! How did you first come to your movement practice? I had heard about Jazzercise from my late cousin who was very involved in the 1990’s. I was first invited to try it here in 2013 by a fellow parent at my daughter’s school. I tried it for a month and thought… Read more »

To start off this spring blog series I would like to welcome my friend Carrie Hura, a local yoga teacher and massage therapist. How did you first come to your movement practice? I first came into yoga while working retail: books, which are very heavy. I was moving and lifting and twisting 40 pound boxes of books from pallets and standing and walking on cement floors. My low back soon felt it. I found a book on yoga and began… Read more »

Happy Spring Equinox! As the season changes we often feel a renewed sense of energy and the desire to get up and move! I know my kids have been busy jumping over puddles (and snow piles, here in Michigan) and racing through the mud. Kids seem to have a boundless energy, and regular exercise and joyful movement is a natural part of their rhythm. However, as adults, we don’t often skip over puddles on our way into work or twirl… Read more »