Today is our last day of Healthy for the Holidays! Thank you so much for joining me. For the last few days we have talked about the importance of looking at our health in the big picture and how we can leverage our nutrition and self care to do so. Today I have put together a list about what happens when we do get sick, and some of the things we can do to aid in the healing process. The… Read more »

Welcome to Day 4! Here is the link to today’s video. day four Yesterday we talked about examples of nutrient dense recipes to feed ourselves and our families. Today we are going to discuss a different type of nourishment, and that is the nourishment we obtain from mindful wellness and primary foods. The concept of primary foods is taught by Joshua Rosenthal at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In his book “Integrative Nutrition”, Rosenthal writes: “Primary food is more than… Read more »

Day 3 already! Here is the link to today’s video: day three Yesterday’s blog and video gave examples of a few of the important micronutrients for keeping us well, so today I am going to give you several recipes that are great examples of how we can work these immunity supporting nutrients onto our holiday table. Let’s start with a breakfast smoothie. This one is not necessarily a fit for the holiday table, but a good way to start a… Read more »

Here is the link to today’s video: day two No one likes to get sick. It is a part of being human to have times of illness. I believe that our true health lies not in how often we do or do not get sick, but rather in how we can support our body’s built-in systems in order to heal. This time of year, our immune system works very hard to defend against microorganisms that cause disease. We can support… Read more »

Welcome to Day One! Here is today’s video: day one Today we are talking about two very important building blocks of a strong immune system: breathing and hydration. These may seem painfully obvious, but if we stop to think about it, they are two factors of our health that have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. Breathing Proper breathing is scientifically proven to benefit the immune system, as well as many other systems in the body. This is… Read more »